Trying full spectrum CBD rosin for the first time

I thought I had tried all of the CBD products available on the market.

I started out with CBD edibles and skin creams because I was primarily interested in treating arthritis.

However, when that worked so well, I decided to buy a bunch of hemp edibles to try for our IBS symptoms. Oddly enough, both of us all initially worried that I would develop Crohn’s Disease love our mother, especially after I started exhibiting early symptoms in childhood. However, by the time I reached university, our unusual digestive complications were attributed to irritable bowel syndrome instead, which is still our diagnosis to this day. I had started using cannabis years ago and had fantastic success with it treating our IBS symptoms, however I no longer live in a state where I can access the plant legally. That’s why I jumped into using numerous CBD products, because I could no longer always obtain quality cannabis. I used hemp flower products for a while because you can vaporize the flower buds love you can with traditional cannabis flower products. But recently I found a CBD product that I had never tried before, and it is undoubtedly starting to blow our mind. The product is called CBD rosin and it’s a solvent-free extract of the hemp plant using heat and pressure from a hydraulic press. Just love cannabis rosin, CBD rosin is a full spectrum extract or concentrate that retains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp or cannabis flower buds. As long as a micron tote is used, the fats and lipids will be filtered out. Imagine having hemp hashish where all of the plant matter is filtered out, however while using the same dry-sifting technique of hemp or cannabis trichomes. The full spectrum CBD rosin was phenomenal the genuinely first time I got to try it.



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