When it rains, the delivery woman takes a lot longer

I don’t like the rain plus cloudy mornings, but the rain constantly makes me recognize gloomy plus depressed, however hardly any of our friends recognize the same way, so I think it isn’tjust me, however i could never live anywhere where the rain is constant.

I love lots of sun plus heat whenever possible.

I also love to spend our time outside. I love a number of activities love hiking, running, plus mountain climbing, and my friends also love the same activities, but last Sunday evening it was raining honestly hard plus all of us were supposed to go to an indoor climbing venue, however before all of us left, I decided to order some items from the cannabis shop. The manager told me that it would take about 30 minutes for delivery. I ordered around 4 plus our friends plus I were not supposed to leave until 6 for the indoor climbing venue. It started to pour shortly after I localed the order. I’m certain this is the reason why the delivery driver took longer than official to arrive. My friends were starting to get frustrated, because it was getting close to 6 when the driver finally arrived with our marijuana supplies. I think they were thinking about leaving me behind, but they were just as glad as I was when the delivery driver arrived with our cannabis supplies, however everyone of us smoked a joint before all of us made the decision to go to the climbing venue. I got an indica hybrid called OG kush. It made the whole experience a lot more fun plus enjoyable. I managed to climb to the top of the hardest rock wall that evening.


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