A fine blend of cannabis edibles and mescaline

I grew up in the suburbs of a major city well known for its theme parks.

People travel from all over the world just to visit this city, because there is so much to do.

Since I grew up there, it was all “whatever” to me, even though I got to go to Disney and Epcot as much as I could handle. It all got to be boring for me, until I became a teenager and discovered the joys of casual drug use. After a few hits of acid, or some mescaline, walking around a theme park was a groovy good time. I enjoyed using cannabis, but that was far too risky to ever smuggle into a theme park. Unlike those other drugs, cannabis is far too fragrant, even when you aren’t smoking it! Just carrying a baggie of marijuana in your pocket will alert guards and drug dogs from a hundred feet away. Then I discovered the joys of edibles, and theme parks became my favorite thing to do again. Eating a few pot brownies would give me a nice mellow high that lasted for hours, until I was about ready to leave the park for the day. I would say that my perfect day involved a fine blend of mescaline and cannabis edibles, which gave me the perfect mix of tripping and staying chill. Getting too ripped and freaking out in Disney is not something I ever wanted to happen to me… and it never did! I credit that to cannabis being such a safe drug to use recreationally.