A healthy appetite thanks to medical marijuana

Now I understand why weed was always linked to the munchies.

I’ve been treating with medical marijuana now for more than 6 months and it definitely reignited my appetite. I had not used any sort of cannabis product prior to using medical marijuana to treat my eating disorder. So, I really didn’t’ know all that much about it. However, when I finally went to therapy for my eating disorder, I was shown all about the medical marijuana benefits for my condition. It took almost 2 decades before I finally reached out for help with my problem. So much of it stemmed from my body issues as I was growing up. That might sound strange coming from a man but it happens to this gender as well. I hid it but finally, there was no more hiding. I had to confront the fact that my eating disorder was taking over my life and ruining my health. The sort of therapy I’m in is based in a holistic approach. While I have a medical doctor onboard as well, I am treating my disorder with talk therapy and a complete change in lifestyle. Additionally, I am using cannabis flower product to help me with my appetite. After all that time, I just didn’t have the sort of healthy appetite most normal humans possess. So it took a jump start from the legal weed store to help me recognize a healthy appetite and then feed my self nutritiously. I’m happy to report that with medial cannabis, I’m actually getting the nutrients and goodness I need from food again. And I’m feeling really, really good about myself as well.

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