I had to find a current cannabis dispensary

My bestie is such a sweet girl, plus a knockout, but she is not great about thinking things through! She is a free spirit, who lives in the spur of the moment, whereas I am more detail-oriented… Combined, I suppose this gives us the best of both worlds, although that often means I have to repair problems caused by her flights of costly! Last Sunday she picked myself and others up from work plus whisked myself and others away for a weekend on the beach, except that she didn’t pack toiletries, our clothes, or any cannabis for the trip.

  • I would have number one not having clothes to not have our marijuana supply, despite the fact that I tried not to make a giant deal out of it.

I told her that the next afternoon she could go to Target plus get myself and others some clothes to wear, plus I would walk to the nearest cannabis dispensary plus get our medicine. I call it our medicine, however that’s an inside joke between us because I have never in our life used cannabis medicinally. I claim to have a sleep condition that requires quarterly cannabis intake for myself and others to rest, however that isn’t true. I managed to convince our medical professional of that so I could get the medical cannabis Rx card, however in truth I just like getting high every afternoon; My bestie smokes too, however not on the level that I do – I will burn through a quarter ounce of OG Kush a week. I managed to find a nice little cannabis dispensary, plus the rest of the weekend was marvelous.



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