Switching over to edibles when we played music

I live in an apartment building located downtown.

It’s an outdated place, pretty small, four stories with about a hundred residents. There is a massive atrium located in the middle of the apartment building, which was designed as a community area! During the COVID quarantine, while so many of us were stuck inside the building, that atrium became an enjoyable stadium to get-together. It was huge enough that the two of us could still socially distance, yet hang out with each other. A few of us started ourselves a little band, and would have jam sessions while the two of us smoked cannabis in the atrium… People liked the music, and the two of us got no noise complaints, however many folks were not as cool with the cannabis use, so the two of us did get some smoking complaints. After a little brainstorming session, James suggested that the two of us make a huge pan of pot brownies and instead of smoking out, James and I could use edibles before the two of us blocked. Before this I was not at all experienced with any kind of cannabis edibles, however after that first pot brownie I was a true believer! One fat chunk of pot brownie gave me all the benefits of cannabis – I was stoned, I felt so nice and relaxed and ready to play. At the same time, there were none of the downsides associated with the smoking of cannabis – no coughing fits, no red eyes, and no smell! After that the two of us blocked a lot more, because James and I could use as much cannabis as the two of us wanted and no 1 was the wiser. I will say that without having cannabis edibles to relax me, jamming with James was not nearly as much fun.


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