Being ready for the next lockdown

I was caught flat-footed this past time, I am the first to admit it. I knew this COVID thing was horrendous, however I never expected such a dire quarantine to come down on the city! When I went to bed, things looked bad, but when I woke up the lockdown was in effect. All of us were supposed to stay inside except in case of emergency! Even if the people I was with and I did leave, there was no place to go, because all local dealers had been closed. At the time I had very little food in the household, as well as I was out of cannabis. That was my afternoon to go to the cannabis dispensary as well as purchase for the week, as well as I kicked myself for not making my way over there the afternoon before! Because cannabis is so readily available, I had gotten out of the habit of stockpiling it. Well, let me tell you I learned a pretty important lesson, as well as I vowed to never again take cannabis for granted. It didn’t take especially long for the cannabis dispensary to adjust its dealer model as well as start offering delivery services as well as curbside pick up options… Now there was a pretty major difference to my smoking habits, namely that I would pull out a gram from every jar of cannabis I purchased, as well as set it aside. I had a special Mason jar with a vacuum sealed lid, as well as I used it to store my extra cannabis, to save it for an emergency. A couple of months later as well as my cannabis “savings” jar has over twenty grams in it, as well as still counting!
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