Dispensary prices are going up just like groceries

Prices on everything seem to be rising.

The cost for my weekly groceries has gone up by $50.

Bread, milk, and eggs are hard to find at the store and the cost of these items have doubled during the last year. The cost for gas has gone up as well. It’s hard to continue working and living the same lifestyle when the cost of living is going up around us. My boss doesn’t want to pay more money for the same work because he is getting hit hard too. I’m disappointed to see the prices at the dispensary are going up as well. The medical and recreational marijuana dispensary has charged the same prices for three or four years. Now suddenly the price has gone up by a couple of dollars on every single product in the store. I always order the same products from the dispensary. I buy a gram of live resin concentrate, a half ounce of dried flower, and two bottles of THC and CBD tincture. I ordered the items for delivery last week and I noticed the price was significantly higher. I checked with the budtender to make sure the sales and daily specials were added to the cart and she told me that the prices on many of the items have increased. I didn’t bother to look at the items when I was adding them to the cart. When I went back to look, I could see that the prices have clearly increased just like all of the prices at the grocery store. It’s only a matter of time until I can’t afford my marijuana medicine.
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