Don’t buy products based on their name.

A few nights ago, I made a really silly mistake. I had run to the marijuana dispensary to pick up some products for my mom. My mom has a medical marijuana card and I have a card as her caretaker. I was heading over to her house for dinner, and she asked if I could pick up her online order on my way. The dispensary was right on the way and it would be no problem at all. When I got into the dispensary, I told them who I was there for and they told me they had her order ready. While waiting for them to bring it out to me, I started looking around at the marijuana products. I spied a single product that was called pineapple express! Pineapple express was also on sale, so I obtained some for her. When I got to my mom’s house, she asked why I would buy that kind of marijuana product. I told her that it’s because I love the name, and it sounded as though it might be fun to use. She informed me that she would not be using the pineapple express marijuana because she does not use products that would get her high. While she thanked me for the gesture, she was looking around and wondering where her actual order was. It turns out that I left the bag at the dispensary. My mom gave them a call and found that they still had the order right where I left it. I got into the car and got back to the marijuana dispensary as quickly as possible. I guess I didn’t do the best job running that errand for her.