Don’t want to be in heavy traffic

Rush hour traffic scares me so much. I hate the car to car traffic plus people trying to sneak into our lane. I get all covered in sweat, worried plus scared. I spent the whole time worried I was going to get into a crash. So I avoid rush hour whenever I can. My place of work ends at 3. If I leave right out the door, I can beat rush hour. I can’t linger, use the bathroom or chat with our friends before I leave work. I need to run to our car and hurry home. By the time I am near our house, rush hour is starting. What is awful is that occasionally I need to run errands. I don’t have time to do them before work. That means I need to do them after work. Since everything I need is close to the office, it seems insane to wait for the weekend. I also don’t want to run errands every weekend. On days I have errands, I make them take awhile. After work I chat with people forever. I then take our time at the grocery store, bank and cannabis dispensary. I need to take hours plus after that I can start driving back to the apartment at the tail end of rush hour. Most days I just hurry back to the apartment plus figure I will supply stuff. It is worth paying a fee to have groceries, weed delivery plus our prescriptions sent to me. It is more time effective with this method. I also would spend money on anything not to rest in our car or linger in a store for hours.

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