Everything was so much more costly than I anticipated.

When I got my medical card, I figured that like other medical services, going to the dispensary would be covered by my insurance.

This was not the case.

When I was told I had to speak to a pharmacist, I thought it was because the physician had sent a prescription telling them what products I needed. Instead, the pharmacist gave me her recommendations. There was no set prescription or suggestion. In fact, I could purchase anything in the store that I wanted & in any amount. After seeing many of the prices, I knew I could not afford really much. I had already talked to the pharmacist & asked if my insurance would cover any of the marijuana products, but she told me that since marijuana was not yet considered a medical drug, insurance was not yet willing to help pay for the marijuana products. It was $65 for one small vial of tincture, which was more than I could afford. If it had not been for the 30% off for first-time clients, I could not have afforded anything that was in that marijuana dispensary. I ended up purchasing a small bottle of pain ointment, as well as some capsules that were mostly CBD. Even though I spent more than I wanted to, I just hoped that the ointment & capsules would help reduce my swollen joints and make it worth the costly expense. After seeing the crazy prices, I don’t think I’ll be going back to the marijuana dispensary anytime soon. I just hope the marijuana products I picked up will make it all seem worth it. Otherwise, I won’t be returning to the marijuana dispensary again.


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