I decided not to get involved in the discussion

I had to work on Wednesday and it was my first time absolutely working during the day in a while.

I worked with a couple of new guys! They were not exactly the brightest bunch.

They talked about cars, girls, and monster trucks. They were the perfect example of a meathead with lots of muscles and no brains. I absolutely did not like either one of the guys and their personalities were rude and abrasive. At one point, we were all sitting in the breakroom of the marijuana dispensary. The guys started talking about the manager and her body. I thought it was totally inappropriate to talk about the manager that way. I tried not to get involved in the discussion, when the guys asked for my opinion, I told them that I wasn’t getting involved in the discussion. They laughed at me and called me names. I had multiple medical marijuana deliveries that day. I had more than one cannabis order going to the valley and I was gone most of the afternoon. I was glad to get out of the store and away from those two bozos. When I was getting ready to clock out at the end of the afternoon, the manager asked me how I liked working during the day instead of at night. I wanted to tell her about the jerks in the break room, but I decided to keep my mouth quiet. I didn’t get involved in the conversation for a reason and I didn’t want to be a snitch or a tattletale. I’m sure those guys will find a way to screw up all on their own.


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