My friend bought me a gram of concentrate from the marijuana dispensary

I came back home to visit a couple of my friends and I didn’t have a very good time.

I’ve grown accustomed to living out west where there are a lot different rules and regulations.

After I moved out west, I started using recreational and medical marijuana. I knew my parents wouldn’t approve of my choices, so I never told them. When I went home for a visit, I didn’t have any marijuana supplies. I was going crazy trying not to smoke. My friend Jack saw me struggling and the guy offered to buy me medical marijuana supplies from the dispensary. Jack had a medical marijuana card and he didn’t mind hooking me up as long as I had cash. Jack went to The dispensary for me and he purchased a gram of cannabis concentrate. The dispensary only had three options when it came to cannabis concentrate. They had a single option for sativa, hybrid, and indica. The grams of cannabis concentrate were $60 each. At home, I was paying $20 each for the same product. I was very careful with that g of concentrate, because I needed it to last the entire week. I used a nectar collector that my friend brought from his house and I sat outside in the woods in the middle of the night after my mom and dad went to sleep. There’s no way I was going to sit anywhere close to the house with the marijuana products. I knew my mom and dad would be able to smell the odor of marijuana and I didn’t want to have a discussion with them about my life choices.


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