My friend’s pot brownies are never made with the same potency for each batch

My friend John is becoming a good chef and baker, especially during COVID as he has had more time than ever to learn new recipes and techniques.

My friends and I all throw a weekly potluck and bring various dishes and sides with us and eat in front of my 60 inch television screen.

It’s no small wonder why we all get excited for whatever delicious food John brings with him each time, because it is always homemade and has not disappointed us yet. His parents had him helping them in the kitchen when he was tiny, and he took to learning their skills and techniques like a sponge. One dish that he’s particularly adept at cooking is one that he is not willing to share with his parents—pot brownies. He has a great recipe for creating the cannabutter that is the core ingredient of his pot brownies. Whenever I tried making my own pot brownies in the past, I never used enough cannabis and the edibles were extremely weak. One single pot brownie from John is enough to lay out most people I know who don’t have a ridiculous tolerance for marijuana. We’re always impressed with John and all of his culinary concoctions, but we would all legitimately pay for cannabis edibles from John if he ever started his own business. It’s hard to get good cannabis edibles from the local dispensaries if they’re all just using flavorless THC distillate oil. The effects are always muted and diminished compared to edibles made with Rick Simpson Oil. John always uses RSO when he’s making his famous cannabis edibles.


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