People were filling the parking lot

I thought it was going to come off that pedestal.

I drove past the parking lot of the medical marijuana clinic on Monday and the arena was packed! Most of the time there are one or two cars in the parking lot, but the lot was filled with cars. I saw food trucks in the parking lot by the medical marijuana dispensary! After I got home from work, I went online to see if there was any information on the medical marijuana dispensary website. There was a big banner on the front page of the website. The dispensary was celebrating their 1-year birthday. They had free giveaways and lots of food, fun, and prizes. I called a neighbor of mine that has a medical marijuana card and I told him about the party going on at the dispensary by my apartment, and he came to the house about an hour later and picked me up. The two of us went to the dispensary to check out the action, and while we were there, we got to spin a prize wheel. There were lots of different prizes on the wheel including free marijuana supplies, paraphernalia, t-shirts, hats, and discounts on the products in the store. Everyone was a winner. My neighbor spun the wheel really hard. I thought it was going to come off that pedestal. It went around the track three or four times before it started to slow down. Jack won a free t-shirt from the cannabis dispensary, however I won a $50 gift card to use in the store on any purchase. I used the $50 gift card to buy a gram of live resin cannabis concentrate.



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