So many dispensaries to choose from now

Life in the big city is pretty incredible.

I am a small town boy, and until last year I had never been to any major metropolitan area.

Along with some friends, I decided to break free of that constrictive small town, leave the world of farming, and move to the state capital. Two of my three friends have already moved back home, after just one year, but me and Bob are staying here. For once it feels like life is moving, and not just sitting still. No more quiet nights for us, Bob and I go to the clubs, the bars, and two different cannabis dispensaries on a regular basis. There are actually six different cannabis dispensaries within walking distance of the downtown area, but let me tell you why we like these two in particular. One of them has a smoker’s lounge, so you can purchase your cannabis or CBD products in the dispensary, and then hang out in the lounge listening to live music! They have live performers, either music or stand up comedy, every weekend, so it’s a great place to smoke a little cannabis and chill out. The other place has a cannabis cafe that offers not only a line of killer baked goods, but also has a limited dinner menu for hot meals infused with cannabis! Usually I will just get a honeybun frosted with creamy cannabis oil, but one time I tried a green leaf salad with croutons encrusted with cannabis dust. It was an amazing salad, and it made me the highest I had ever been in my whole life.

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