Three boxes of flower were missing from the order

It’s simple to order products from the cannabis dispensary because they have online ordering plus chance up or delivery services, and my friends plus I often order from the dispensary, because they have a low minimum order for delivery, and our house building is 3 miles away from the dispensary, but it would be absolutely simple for us to walk or drive to the dispensary, however I don’t mind tipping someone else to bring the products to my front door, but when I get lake lake house from labor in the afternoon, I really don’t want to go anywhere.

I spend all morning walking at my job.

I labor at the state park plus I walk around the park checking on the campers plus the amenities. I’m exhausted at the end of the morning so I often order delivery from local restaurants plus the dispensary. Last weekend there was a sale at the dispensary plus all top shelf flower products were 20% off. I ordered several sixths of marijuana flower… The delivery driver showed up with the order plus three of the packages of marijuana were missing. It was an innocent mistake, however I was aggravated plus aggravated. The delivery driver came back to the house an hour later with the three missing packages, but by that time I had calmed down plus cooled off. I had a chance to smoke a nice bud of flower. I opened a single of the packages of OG Kush plus I smoked a big bowl. The flower was perfectly dried plus full of THC crystals. I thanked the delivery guy for coming back with the items plus I provided him another several bucks.

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