When I get high, the colors are bright and vivid

I have spent my entire life painting pictures and portraits.

Landscapes are my favorite thing to paint.

I took a seven-month trip across the country to paint different Landscapes. It was one of the most fun and interesting trips that I have ever taken. I’ll never forget all of that fun experiences I had during that time. I painted landscapes in many different states and I sold the paintings to a number of collectors. I made a lot of money painting pictures of the things that I saw. Sometime around my 60th birthday, I noticed a problem with my eyesight. I was having trouble recognizing some of the basic colors on the spectrum. The bright orange and yellow colors seemed muddled and abstract. I talked to the doctor about my eyesight and I found out that I have glaucoma. There is no way for me to fix the problem, but I can treat some of the symptoms. Medical marijuana has helped a great deal. That doctor freely prescribed medical marijuana to help with my condition. I use marijuana for more reasons than just the glaucoma. I honestly like the way it makes me feel. I never smoked marijuana when I was a young hippie. I spent my time painting and traveling. Now that I am older, it’s a lot of fun to get high and lounge around the house with the radio playing loud and a box of ice cream in my hand. It isn’t the worst way to spend retirement and I’ve earned all of the peace and happiness.


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