Why you need SEO

I learned how to grow cannabis from my uncle—a guy who has seen both sides of the marijuana industry, both wrong and right.

He and I run a cannabis company in our home state, with my uncle being head of cultivation while I run most of the office and company work.

Our success and stability have been rocky from the beginning, even though the allowance of recreational cannabis in this state created more possibilities for revenue. We weren’t expecting so many competitors so close by in such a short span of time, but I should have known ahead of time regardless. Focusing solely on physical sales didn’t work either, so I gave up and spoke with a digital marketing supplier and asked for their advice. First of all, they told myself and my uncle that I need to find a list of SEO keywords for cannabis dispensaries and to integrate those keywords into the text and information on your website. Then the two of us discussed pay per click services, social media management, and website design and solutions. I gave them a budget and they explained what sort of services could be bought within my budget. I knew that having a good website and social media presence were more than a few of the most crucial factors moving forward. Marijuana dispensary SEO services are crucial for any weed companies looking to succeed in the exploding cannabis industry nationwide. Some of these strategies are subtle while others involve completely rethinking the way you approach communicating information about your company within the digital sphere. SEO keywords are just a single aspect of that greater and long term process.
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