Better to smoke cannabis with a hemp wick

It’s nice to keep foreign or harmful synthetic chemicals out of your body if you can manage to do so.

There are strict instructions for lab testing with prescription medications so that sick people aren’t inadvertently consuming chemical solvents for instance when they take their normal drug regimen.

Even the presence of safety seals on over-the-counter product is necessary, as we learned in 1982 with the Chicago Tylenol murders that left quite a few people dead from Tylenol-branded acetominophen pills that had been laced with potassium cyanide. Nobody was ever busted for the murders, but it’s sort of like the poison was added to bottles that were sitting on store shelves, long after they had left the factory. But there are other ways that we expose ourselves to potentially dangerous chemicals. People who smoke tobacco or cannabis have to use some form of fire to burn the plant material. Some people basically carry butane lighters, but I don’t appreciate inhaling the gas whenever I want to consume the plant. When I started using hemp wicks to smoke bowls of weed, I never chose to look back. My medical marijuana tastes substantially better as well as I don’t have to fret about inhaling butane either. These little hemp wicks aren’t really costly either, especially if you get them from a company that makes them by hand. The core is hemp cord as well as it’s coated in beeswax so it stays lit. These wicks were around back when I was in college, but I never tried them until recently. I’m all about consuming as few synthetic chemicals as possible, especially when it comes to things I’m heating as well as inhaling into my lungs.

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