I became sick early on

I had to take an intended break from social activity while in the COVID pandemic.

I managed to get sick early on and it absolutely affected our feeling towards the crisis in a negative light. Out of constant paranoia that I would contract the virus again, I shunned all social activity for the indefinite future. This finally came to an end when one of my best friends from university announced that she would be coming to the neighborhood to visit her parents for the first time in several years. My paranoia regarding viral transmission started to dissolve in the wake of our sheer excitement. Not to mention knowing that I could just as undoubtedly wear a mask near her if we were in any closed spaces like cars or small rooms. No one should feel shame for wanting to protect themselves with a mask, especially if their mask-wearing protects others in the process. However, one thing I learned hastily from my neighbor and the ones she had with him that afternoon, is that they all appreciate smoking cannabis flower products opposed to “dabbing” cannabis concentrates like butane hash oil varieties. I have become spoiled having access to amazing products like live resin, live budder, and the solventless live rosin around my home here in the city. There are dispensaries in every conceivable direction. Even though I have the chance to buy cannabis flower products if I wanted to, I get more joy out of higher doses of THC at any given moment versus the “microdosing” effects of vaping cannabis flower buds. That’s just my opinion on efficient ways to get high.
Buying cannabis