I got banned from the dispensary

I have recently got a lifetime ban from the local cannabis dispensary.

It was not my fault, but it seems that I needed to be punished to set an example for the rest of the customers.

I got into a minor altercation out front of the store with one of the budtenders. That guy was fired, I was told, which means that we both got a serious consequence for our actions. If I had known at the time that I would be banned anyway, I wouldn’t have held back – I would have punched him right in the nose. I guess that it’s the fault of the cannabis dispensary in the first place, for crushing my home marijuana business. I was making good money for the last three years growing and selling cannabis to the locals, but once the dispensary opened up I lost all my customers. I started hanging out in the parking lot of the cannabis dispensary on weekend afternoons, making some quick pot sales out of my trunk from people passing by. That’s when a budtender came out and hassled me, saying that I couldn’t sell cannabis on their property. I laughed, because the entire point of this property was to sell cannabis, so how was me selling it that big of a deal? The budtender explained that if I were to show up on a rival cannabis dealer’s territory and start selling, I would be shot. They were a legal cannabis dispensary so they wouldn’t resort to violence, but they would rat me out to the cops if I didn’t leave. That’s when the trouble started.

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