Interesting bonding moment at cannabis dispensary

I didn’t assume like such a victim and felt a more trusting sense of hope

I’m a dad and I’ve enjoyed being a single. Raising more than one relaxing humans was a single of the best things I could have ever done. My child is honestly independent and extremely achievement oriented. And our son has perhaps the greatest, kindest heart of anyone I’ve even met. But he was a certainly sensitive child and is that way as an adult. After years of meds, he tried medical marijuana when it first became available. That seemed to be such a tipping point for him. Using cannabis products certainly helped him not internalize everything however also accept who he was and his sensitivity. I wasn’t wild about the medical marijana because I grew up with all the myths surrounding cannabis. However, I was so honestly pleased with the results. So, it seemed so poetic that our son was the first a single to take myself and others to the cannabis dispensary when I got sick. I was inspected with what is hopefully a honestly curable form of cancer. That said, the treatment was no joke and the dentist recommended I get to the local cannabis spot for the indica and sativa products that would help me. The main focus of the medical marijuana was to help with the nausea from chemo. But I found that the marijuana also certainly helped sort of change our perspective. I didn’t assume like such a victim and felt a more trusting sense of hope. I was so amazed by the results and benefits from medical marijuana. I’m also totally grateful for and in awe of the bond that developed between our son and I with our trips to the cannabis dispensary.

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