Is SEO different for cannabis dispensaries than it is for other businesses?

I wasn’t sure if SEO was the same thing for a cannabis dispensary as it was for other types of business.

I needed to find out before I called someone and had them create a website for me.

I talked to my brother and he said that every business had their own SEO. A professional who specialized in search engine optimization would be able to help create a website and install SEO that would be for cannabis dispensaries. I found an online web design company that had a department that worked with cannabis dispensaries. I talked to one of the web design specialists and asked them to explain what SEO was and why it was important for my ads and website. When he got done explaining this, I wanted to know how SEO worked and what made it stand out for cannabis dispensaries and other companies. He explained that SEO was individualized for each business. It was keywords that referred to the type of business people ran. HVAC companies would have keywords like furnace or air conditioning. Plumbers would have keywords like pipes and septic. Cannabis dispensaries would use keywords like cannabis and dispensary. There were hundreds of keywords that pertained to each individual company. He also explained that SEO would be incorporated into the ads and my website, so that when people did a search for cannabis dispensaries near me, my cannabis dispensary would come up on the first page. I knew I had chosen the right web design specialists for my cannabis dispensary. He not only answered every question I had, but he answered them in a way that I could understand.


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