They keep deciding to make cannabis possession tougher for patients

I do not appreciate it one bit when the people decide to use the democratic process to make major changes to state or federal laws, only for those wishes to be squashed by legislators trying to exert the will of their financial donors. My state has a constitution that allows for voters to create amendments if they can get better than 60% approval in the election. Lawmakers are supposed to abide by these constitutional amendments because they are the direct will of the people, but I keep noticing the opposite regularly happening here as every one of us have terribly conservative politicians who are too unmoving towards change. They should easily allow a discourse to happen where every one of us have the right to have a debate about change, if you’re going to insist that every one of us need to slow down for a single reason or another. Now they’re choosing to use whatever power they have to make it far more difficult for medical marijuana patients to get the medicine they need for their medical conditions. We didn’t have rules on allotments before regarding the amount of milligrams of THC you can have in a period of 70 days time. Now the conservative “small government” regime is actually attempting to make marijuana doctors have to limit the amount of marijuana that they can prescribe to their patients. It’s not right when you think about a “small government” party becoming a brutal party of anti-democratic autocracy. I am just looking for them to get their hands off my medical marijuana supply. I certainly respect their values if they stop posing to entirely know better than my healthcare worker about things that they’re not trained to understand. It’s an insult plus an outrage beyond the shadow of a doubt.


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