Getting some peace in my life after my first trip to the cannabis store

Being raised in a military household certainly had its benefits.

Dad was not a mean guy at all.

Yet, he was supremely structured. And there was no room for anything but staying with the program. Had I done something like tried recreational pot when I was a teenager, I’d have been in military school the next day. The stakes were always so high in our family. My sister and I came out it with some good stuff. We were high achievers and model employees. But we were also terrible at relationships and accessing our feelings. It’s tough to live a productive life as an adult without that balance. But once legal weed was voted in, my sister and I both somehow knew that this might be something good for us. She and I have always been close because we understand what made us the way we are. After my marriage cratered, so did hers and she moved to be closer to home. That’s how we ended up going to holistic therapy together. In turn, that’s when we started getting legal weed from the legal weed store. And it really has made such a dramatic difference in our lives. The recreational pot allows us to feel okay about our deepest feelings. Examining those together has helped us not only find more balance, we are finding peace. And I think that the cannabis store played a big role in that. They got us the sort of legal cannabis that has helped us commit to our soul transformation. I know dad would not approve of the legal weed use and perhaps he wouldn’t even recognize his kids. But then again, it’s our life to lead these days and we’re committed to maintaining that inner peace.
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