Glad I am getting my vitamins elsewhere

Basically every portion of the cannabis plant offers some medical pros.

There is the THC content that gets you high.

There is the CBD section that helps fight everything from chronic pain, sadness, PTSD to seizures. Then in the sativa seeds you can extract hemp. This becomes a hemp oil that offers many benefits like promoting good heart health, reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimers. The reason I choose hemp oil is for the nutritional benefits. Hemp oil contains a big amount of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. All the essential amino acids that help your body make protein are contained in hemp oil. I am a vegan. That means I don’t eat fish that would give me the omega acids. I also don’t eat meat that would be my main source of protein. I try to eat beans, spinach and other things to get my protein, however it particularly isn’t enough. I feel so much better and healthier now that I use hemp oil. I still eat what I can that is healthy and I figure whatever I am lacking, the hemp oil has my back. Since taking the oil I have noticed that even my skin looks clearer. When I used to take vitamins I never noticed a difference. I then would get lazy taking the pills and eventually throw them away. The hemp oil can be hidden in liquids quite easily. There is no pungent taste or aroma that ruins the flavor either. I have snuck the oil in tea, hot cocoa and even mixed it with gatorade before.



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