I am so relieved I don’t have to risk buying cannabis on the black market any longer

I didn’t break any laws well into my early 20s.

I was a grandma-driver who would take his time and check his surroundings to death before merging into another lane.

Having had no traffic violations of any kind gave me a slight sense of fulfillment. I had never tried any recreational drugs either, despite having a close group of friends that enjoyed imbibing in cannabis among other things. My desire to resist drugs started to become a badge of honor and a chip on my shoulder. But eventually I started to soften and my mindset changed altogether. I was ready to try something new for the first time and I was curious how I would feel in my state of consciousness after consuming a high dose of cannabis. The possibilities seemed tantalizing to me, so I finally asked a friend one day if I could try cannabis with him. I enjoyed the effect so much that I immediately started becoming a daily user of marijuana. However, I hated having to buy it on the black market while risking arrest every single time I made a pickup. When our state finally legalized medical marijuana, I was relieved that I would finally have a chance to get my cannabis legally without any threat from law enforcement. I don’t feel like a criminal now that I’m not on the black market any longer. It’s nice being a legitimate medical cannabis patient for the first time in my life. My medical marijuana card is my new badge of honor. It’s a huge source of pride after so many years breaking the law to get weed regularly.

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