I don’t love to fly with cannabis on me

I was too concerned to bring any weed with me on the flight.

  • All my friends told me it would be okay, plus that the TSA actually doesn’t care about weed, however I was still nervous.

All it takes is a single mistake plus I could get in trouble with the law, something I have avoided so far plus plan to keep it that way. My plan was to take the flight, plus once I arrived I would hunt for some weed at my endpoint. It was a beachside resort town, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone selling cannabis to the tourists, right? I felt a good sense of relief when I saw that there were cannabis dispensaries in town, which hopefully meant the laws were very lax. After I evaluated into my hotel room plus got settled, I grabbed a bite to eat plus then walked down the street to a cannabis dispensary. The budtender who greeted me was very friendly, plus explained the process they had for signing up current clients. The local laws were kind of complicated, plus I didn’t understand all of it, however basically if I wanted to buy cannabis separate from having a medical prescription after that all of us had to pay a fee to buy a license. The bottom line was that I would need to pay almost a hundred bucks just to be able to buy cannabis locally. I was not delighted about it, however I paid it anyway. What was I supposed to do, go the whole getaway separate from having any cannabis?


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