I think that medical cannabis is worth trying

My dad has had to take all kinds of different medication for many years now.

  • He has arthritis and he was diagnosed with it many years ago way back when he was in his 30s around when I was born.

He’s been dealing with it for over half of his life now. He has tried lots of different treatments to help out with the pain that it gives him, but nothing really seems to be helping him with it much at all anymore. He has always tried different medicines that doctors have prescribed for him, but I’ve recently been trying to get him to try out some medical cannabis products to help with the pain instead. I’ve been reading a lot of books and articles about medical cannabis products and I really think that it could help my dad with the pain that he is living with. Some people like my dad have really great results from using medical cannabis and I think that he would have great results from using it too. I keep on telling my dad that trying out medical marijuana cannot possibly hurt him and it might be just the thing to make him feel better. He’s kind of concerned about getting his medical marijuana card, but I told him that it’s not going to be all that hard for him to get one. I know that for people like my dad with chronic pain and arthritis issues, their doctors are usually really willing to give out medical marijuana cards. I am going to research some cannabis dispensaries near us so that he will know exactly where to go whenever he gets his medical marijuana card.


medical uses for cbd