I was so exhausted that night that I wanted to pass out

I was young and seriously active.

Every one of my friends and I played soccer.

Sometimes we would kick the ball on the garage since there was no a single around to play with. The walls of the building were made from concrete and it didn’t matter how many times I kicked a ball and return it back to me. I had some friends come over after school on most days and on the scarce chances I was alone, there was also a big play park by the house for me to shoot hoops or try pickleball. In one way or another, I was never not very active I needed to find a way to stay active more frequently so I joined a professional soccer team. When I started I was 245 and when I said I was 190. I could not have been more proud of all of my accomplishments. My body still wears down a little bit from time to time. I still play sports however I prefer to use the sativa strains in the morning. If I was smoking indicas throughout the whole day, I would no doubt have to go back to sleep. Sativa strains make me feel energized, but Indica strains passed me right out and make me sleep for hours. If only there was a hybrid that actually worked out well and did what it is.supposed to do. I would rather feel better if it is possible. Staying active is great for physical and mental health and everyone should try pot.


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