I wasn't happy with the April sales

For multiple weeks before April, the medical cannabis shop talked about some sales that they would have during the month of April.

The people I was with as well as myself expected great prices on all of the official products that we regularly use.

The two of us used medical pot for multiple years and did not ever go to the April celebration. This was a celebration held on for 20 and it was an exciting way for everyone to celebrate smoking marijuana. About a week before celebration time, the medical cannabis dispensary began to advertise many of the discounted products. I was hoping we would gain 20 or 30% off of our entire medical pot order, but they offered different discount tears depending on how much money you spent. Sales counted only during the 420 week and the discounts went up every single day. Your minute trip to the medical pot dispensary up to the 10 or 20% off. They didn’t offer free samples and there was nothing special for seniors during that week. It would have been nice to receive a discount of 10 or 20% and then it would have been nice to add the senior citizen discount. I probably could have save 30 or 40% on all of the items in my bag. It was disappointing to see how very little they prepared for the 420 holiday, I would have expected everyone to do a much better job, but it seems like they only thought about it one time when they were working on all of their things

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