The fresh smell of cannabis

First time I went to the cannabis store, it looked like nothing more than a local sales room entrance.

The only change between the cannabis dispensary in 1 of the small sales rooms was that the sales room didn’t have a speaker with a security camera attached, you had to show ID to prove you were 21 before getting into the cannabis dispensary.

Once your ID was checked, they would buzz you in if you proved to be who they are. Once I got into the first store, there was a young lady resting at a desk who physically wanted to see my ID. She made some notations on her papers, and waved me in. I heard a buzz in the door to the marijuana dispensary opening, and even before I could get into the marijuana dispensary, I could smell the odor of marijuana wafting through the door. I almost felt like I could sit on tiptoe and float into the dispensary, like they show people in cartoons floating away in love. I knew it didn’t legitimately happen that way, however the joy I felt when I smelled that marijuana had me laughing. I had finally turned 21, and I could go into a marijuana dispensary. I did a lot of fantasizing about this moment, however none of those fantasies quite matched up to the reality of when I smelled that marijuana, but no matter how many times I go into a marijuana dispensary from this time forward, it will never match the first experience. Nothing could have ever prepared me for what I felt that easily the first time.


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