An introduction to compassion at the cannabis dispensary

I guess our personality plus character just sort of fit with the way our culture has been evolving.

That’s been a enjoyable thing for me, our career plus success but not such a enjoyable thing overall. The reason I say this is that our ability to compartmentalize plus just plow through until I get a desired result is absent of some basic mankind. It took some time around people at the cannabis dispensary to help me understand a bit more about compassion. I’ve been a win at all cost plus take no prisoners sort of person for the past couple of decades. Now, it’s no wonder that I’m alone plus our relationships all seem so transactional. But when our mom got sick with cancer, there was nobody but me to help. Of course, I tried to just pay for her care but that wasn’t enough. My mom needed me plus I had to respond. One of the first things the people I was with and I did before her treatment began was to get the cannabis products she needed. The dentists had advocated both the sativa strains plus indica products for our mom’s situation. Watching how the folks at the local cannabis spot treated our mother stopped me dead in our tracks. It was 1 hundred percent compassion. I stayed with our mom for several weeks while also laboring. Each time the people I was with and I visited that local cannabis spot, I got closer plus closer to accessing the deep human compassion that is entirely available to all of us. Mom is better now plus I’m changed forever. My life is decreasingly more about what I can do for others as opposed to what I can get for myself. And that’s all thanks in giant section to the kind people at the local cannabis spot.

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