I didn't know it would grow like that

When max plus myself were 12 years seasoned both of us built a huge tree fort.

We had help from dad plus our uncle thankfully plus the result turned out to be sturdy plus secure.

The free apartment is a structure that is still sound 22 years later. Every afternoon both of us lived at apartment with our parents, we used the tree fort everyday. It was really the only place where things seem to belong to us. This place was one of our favorite hangout spots the whole time we were teenagers. When both of us began to use cannabis, both of us always went to the tree house. This is a place where the story will get interesting plus every time both of us got cannabis, we packed up our bowls plus tossed out any seeds from the window. A few weeks after that, it was noticeable that there were strains of cannabis plants sprouting around the bottom of the tree. When our uncle discovered the marijuana plants, it was easy to cover up. We were grateful for help plus all of us did not want to tell anyone at all. Of course later we realize that our uncle simply took those marijuana plants right back to his apartment. He was a huge smoker of marijuana and of course we gave the guy a bunch of free stuff when we weren’t having to worry about whether or not we were going to get into trouble. The cannabis plants could have really gotten us into hot water.