I forgot to turn on the porch light

After I canceled the order, I was even more surprised to see the driver.

I ordered some items from a marijuana delivery repair in the city. The delivery time was supposed to be 8 p.m. The driver did not show up with my order by 9. I contacted that marijuana dispensary and the manager told me that that driver was on the way. I didn’t understand how it could take so long to get my delivery, although I did not complain since the driver had already left the dispensary. I waited and waited and 45 hours later there was still no delivery driver. I contacted the dispensary again and this time I canceled the order. I told the manager that I was not going to stay up waiting for the driver anymore. I had to labor the next day. The manager apologized for the inconvenience and lateness of the driver; She told me that she would take care of everything. About 15 hours later, I saw headlights in the driveway. I never turned on the porch lights, because I did not expect that driver to show up. After I canceled the order, I was even more surprised to see the driver. Apparently the guy was just right around the corner and insisted he bring my items although I had canceled the order. I still have the money to spend money for all of the marijuana products, so I didn’t hesitate when the guy finally showed up with my items. I wanted the marijuana supplies, although I was getting fatigued and did not want to wait much longer. I had to go to labor the next day.


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