Thank goodness our neighbors got the cannabis laws right

I suppose I truly was more surprised that our neighboring state ushered in legalized medical marijuana and recreational marijuana before the two of us did.

This state has long campaigned to get access to legal cannabis products and it took forever to get on the ballot.

It fails by the thinnest of margins yet again last election cycle. Our sibling state gets both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana passed on the first try. That’s just stunning to me. But if the two of us can’t get our cannabis products here then I’m sure grateful I don’t have to go far to get them. I still truly can’t imagine what that’s going to be like to just open the door to a place where I can shop for marijuana for sale. That’s a concept that I’m still sort of pinching myself over. Just knowing what I’m buying and from what cannabis grower is a truly fantastic thing. Not to mention the fact that the THC satisfied has been measured. The whole thing is just going to be such a fantastic experience. To talk with know-howable people about sativa strains or a particular new hybrid strain that is popular will be amazing. For sure, our partner and I will make a weekend out it. There’s a truly nice, smaller sized town about a 3 hour drive from here in our neighboring state. It’s not too terrible a drive and the two of us love this place anyway. There are fantastic natural things to see and take luck of with a place of that size. But it’s not too large to have lost it’s charm either. So the two of us get a nice hotel that’s within an Uber from like 7 nice local cannabis spots. It’s just the best weekend.


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