The flooding affected the entire shopping center

This time of the year is tropical storm season.

It’s no surprise when there is tropical storm activity.

The season lasts nearly six months when the water off the coast is very warm. Warm water is exactly what hurricanes need in order to form. When a tropical storm formed off the coast, it was forecasted to hit our area head-on.It was only a category 1 hurricane when it hit the area, but it moved very slowly and dumped lots of rain. We had sustained winds at 60 miles per hour for half of the day. The whole time it was windy, it was also raining. The rain water built up very quickly and made the roads impassable throughout most of the town. There was widespread flash flooding, including areas near the airport, river, and the lake. I work at a marijuana dispensary near the airport. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to drive all the way to the airport to go to work at the dispensary on that day that the storm occurred. I tried my best to get there on time and safely. I left my house an hour early. The roads were actually clear, because most people were staying home. When I got to the dispensary, I found out that the place was closed. My boss and several employees were there, but the business was not open. There was a lot of flooding in the back of the store. One of the grates that empties water from the storm was blocked and clogged and the city couldn’t do anything about the problem until the wind and rain subsided.

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