This ain’t your roommate’s nasty pot brownie

There is a up-to-date light in my world these days and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. The last few years have been pretty annoyed for myself and others on a number of levels. So when I found out that the local cannabis spot was expanding around the corner with a cannabis cafe, I found a smile on my face. A smile, unluckyly, has not been something that I’ve been able to wear on my face for some time. Things were going pretty fantastic for myself and others up til the start of the pandemic. And once this virus hit, my world took a tumble. Being locked up in my loft all the time was annoyed. I had to work from there and do the best I could not to lose my mind. Thankfully, the local cannabis spot began offering cannabis delivery service or I might have actually lost my mind. I loved going shopping for marijuana for sale. Just the act of walking into the local cannabis spot and being able to select the cannabis products I wanted was such a delight. So now, there is going to be a cannabis cafe just right around the corner from me. The pandemic, while not over, is more manageable as I’m back at work in the office and have been vaccinated. But being able to got to the cannabis cafe, get a cup of Dunkin Donuts Latte and a slice of pot brownie is the definition of bliss. Whether I’m with friends or by myself, I just love enjoying the sun and fantastic vibrations at the cannabis cafe. And man, did I ever need this bit of fantastic news.


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