Trying to show on Google for recreational cannabis dispensary

About five years ago, I was delighted to open the doors of a medicinal dispensary in my local city.

My operations include a 15,000 square foot facility with active indoor cultivation rooms.

I sungrow 1500 plants on acres of fertile land and recently added a 40,000 state-of-the-art greenhouse. Producing my own brand of medicine allows me to uphold exacting standards of quality. All products are lab-tested, organically grown and free from pesticides and chemicals. The shelves of the dispensary also include strains for popular manufacturers to ensure the perfect fit for every patient’s needs. We offer more than four dozen varieties of smokable flower and over three dozen types of pre-rolled joints and blunts. Our vapes encompass more than fifty styles of disposable and refillable carts, pens and pods. Our concentrates provide wax, shatter, budder, rosin, live sauce, diamonds, hash and kief with sky-high THC potency. We’ve got all kinds of topicals, tinctures and CBD products. Our menu of edibles are flavorful, made from the finest ingredients and vary from traditional gummies and brownies to cannabis-infused lemonade, ice cream, mints and caramels. I am extremely proud of my accomplishments. I’ve gained a loyal following of medicinal patients. With local laws changing to allow for recreational sales, I’ve attempted to reach a new market. More and more dispensaries are opening up all the time, creating a more competitive landscape. I want to reach adults 21+, both locals and visitors to the area. To be successful, I need my brand to show up when people search keywords on Google. To accomplish my goals, I’ve hired a professional digital marketing company to handle SEO.

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