Friday night we play games with our friends

On Friday nights, my friends and I all get together to play games.

Sometimes we play board games and sometimes we play card games. Sometimes we play as groups and sometimes we are individuals. It’s up to the person that is hosting the game night. My girlfriend and I hosted the weekly game night on Friday and we decided to play a game with our friends that includes cards. We made sure to set up the card table so everyone would have a place to sit. We got all of the necessary supplies for the evening like chips, soda, pretzels, and cookies. We bought two 12 packs of beer and a bottle of rum and vodka. We also went to the cannabis dispensary to pick up a half ounce of dried marijuana flour. We chose a sativa for Friday night, because an Indica would make everyone tired. I chose a sativa strain called Super Lemon haze. It is a really nice sativa that is a mix between Lemon Haze and Super Silver haze. The marijuana strain was incredibly pungent and smelled exactly like a piece of fruit from a lemon tree. My girlfriend and I also bought a six pack of wine spritzers that were infused with cannabis distillate. Everyone seemed very happy with the choices that we made for the evening. Our night of cards was a huge success. Everyone agreed that it was more fun to play cards then it was to play monopoly. The game seemed to go on forever the previous week and we were all bored by the time that it ended.

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