He said that without medical cannabis, he would not be alive.

A acquaintance of mine had a long, hard reclaimy from an accident he had when he was in his teens.

He wore a halo for about 3 years because of a broken neck. He broke both legs and fractured his pelvis. The nurse told him he was blessed to be alive, and had it not been for the seatbelt, he would be. A drunk driver had crossed the media strip and hit him head on. Ten years later, he still suffered chronic pain, however with the help of medical cannabis, he was finally feeling better. He often said how he wished he had died in the accident, because he was no longer a whole man. His fiance died in the accident, and he could not face life without his or with the fact that he felt guilty. After getting legal, medical cannabis, he could control his depression, and he was reading to walk again. After being out of the section for multiple years, I was blissful to connect with my acquaintance again and see he was doing better. Before I left for medical university, I told him they had legalized medical marijuana, and I thought it would help him. He told me nothing would help and kicked me out of his house. He was the first guy I visited when I got home, but he had never taken my phone calls or answered my letters. When his father told me he was using medical cannabis, I was happy. Every one of us are now talking again, and it feels great to be getting my outdated acquaintance back.

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