I appreciate an indica for bedtime smoking

At bedtime, I smoke an actual marijuana joint that has an Indica strain

I have officially been using marijuana products since I was about 18 years old. My best acquaintance introduced myself and others to marijuana and that was the end. I appreciated the way that marijuana made myself and others feel. I did not have as much stress or anxiety and I slept every evening at bedtime. Since I was little, I have had trouble sleeping at evening. I often have insomnia that keeps myself and others awake for hours. When I was younger, my parents gave myself and others a sleeping pill and melatonin. I do not love to take those things as an adult, because I suppose that they make myself and others believe entirely drowsy the next afternoon. I have a hard time concentrating at labor when I take a sleeping pill at evening. Marijuana does not have the same effect. I do not believe groggy the next afternoon or hungover and I do not have any troubles staying awake. I started using medical marijuana at bedtime, but now I officially use medical marijuana throughout the afternoon. I have found it to be generally helpful for relieving stress and anxiety. In the morning before I go to work, I usually have some type of edible. The edible lasts most of the afternoon so I do not have to medicate again. Occasionally I will go out to my car and smoke a joint at dinner time, but only if I am feeling super tied up or anxious. At bedtime, I smoke an actual marijuana joint that has an Indica strain. Indica strains are perfect for bedtime and use at evening. Indica strains tend to make myself and others believe entirely weary and drowsy and relaxed. At the end of a hard afternoon, I love to roll up a joint of OG Kush or Skywalker OG.


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