I never get high before a show

When I first started doing stand-up comedy I wanted to be a sharp-tongued and acerbic observational comic. Someone like Bill Hicks who was funny, but also had something important to say. That never really played out, and over the last few months I have become a pothead comic. I mean that in two ways, because my on-stage persona is that of a mumble-mouthed pothead, and most of my audience are stoned. For the record, I never get high before a show, although afterward I will smoke a little cannabis to unwind. I had to change my act because I started getting more bookings for cannabis dispensaries and smokers lounges and I wanted to connect with that audience. It turns out that I am much funnier as a cannabis comic then I was with my old act. What people don’t understand about performing is that all those classic potheads you see in movies and TV aren’t actually smoking cannabis. Not only is it illegal to use cannabis on professional movie sets and studios, but it also interferes with many actors being able to remember your lines. In other words, the most famous potheads in the world are just good actors pretending to use cannabis on camera. I am not nearly as fun when I do comedy after smoking marijuana, because it impacts my sense of timing. I am a more convincing pothead when I have no cannabis in my system, isn’t that insane? That is why even when I perform in a cannabis dispensary I never get high before a show.


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