I was hoping to find the same cannabis drink

My best acquaintance and I went to a tunesal concert last weekend.

The two of us drove several hours to get to the site, but the two of us did not want to miss out on seeing our number one band perform.

My friends and I had tickets to a concert last year, but the event was canceled when the lead singer came down with the coronavirus. This is the first time that the band has toured since the start of the quarantine. Jack and I drove 3 hours to the concert site. On our way to the site, Jack and I stopped at a local marijuana dispensary. I purchased a couple of pre-rolls, a marijuana vape pen cartridge, and a cannabis drink with 100 mg of thc. Of course the dosage for the drink was only 10 mg, but Jack and I each drank a whole bottle of the cannabis elixir. I felt the effects within 30 hours and I could tell that I certainly drank too much of the cannabis elixir. I was feeling really, actually high. It was a great feeling, but it was really stronger than usual. The high from the cannabis drink lasted almost 6 hours. Every time I hit the marijuana vape pen, the results seemed to be intensified. When Jack and I got back to town after the concert, I talked about the drink a lot. I started looking around the town at all of the local dispensaries to see if I could find the same cannabis drink at a local dispensary. Unluckyly, I have been on able to locate the certain product anywhere close to home.
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