Take your time and enjoy

There is a difference between being a “weed snob” & having good taste.

I have personally encountered a lot of people, especially at dispensaries, who act like they are actually better than the rest of us.

These are the people who write in depth Wikipedia pages about unusual pot strains, & act like they are gurus or verified experts, when all they particularly do is smoke weed everyday. They always say “everyone’s a critic” & this is especially true when it comes to cannabis. I have our own personal interests & dislikes as well, however I don’t lecture people about it to make myself sound highly authoritative, and for example, I like to smoke Purple Haze or OG Kush whenever I find it possible, however that doesn’t mean I will turn down a hit of homegrown mids from time to time if it is provided to me. Especially if the woman grew the cannabis for me, it’s rude to not give her weed a taste. I know there are people who claim to be film experts, however I myself don’t care about that, I just like to watch films. The same is true for cannabis, I believe, because no amount of scholarly exposition makes a whit of difference. It’s all about enjoying the taste of it, the think of the cannabis smoke in your mouth, & all these other subtle aspects that can’t be adequately summed up in an essay. My point with all this talk is to rest back & appreciate the stone, don’t get caught up in the name of the cannabis strain or the level of THC in the buds. Smoke your cannabis, like it & appreciate the experience, because that’s what it’s all about.

Cannabis grower