The guy was trying to steal from the the dispensary

Not that many of weeks ago I got hired to work as a security guard.

  • I was working at an office building for approximately a single week plus then the place shut down.

I was pretty bummed out when I lost our job, because it paid really well. I went to a temp agency plus the guy at the front desk told me that he had the perfect job for someone with security experience. He sent me to work at a recreational marijuana dispensary. I work outside most of the time. I check identification cards to make sure that the marijuana dispensary purchasers are old enough to come inside. I tell them to wear a mask plus I make sure that they all know to obey the rules once they are inside of the store. Every once in a while I work inside of the dispensary if the usual guy is off. Our schedules really rarely intersect so I only work inside once every week. Last week I was working indoors plus I caught a client trying to steal from the dispensary. Every one of us only have a few products outside on the shelves. This makes it much easier to keep an eye on everything in the lobby. Every one of us also only allow various people inside at a time. I was sitting at the front door waiting to let a client inside when I saw a guy near the back of the store. I saw that guy put a bucket of marijuana in his pocket. I was 100% sure, so I alerted the store manager before the guy could go anywhere. The manager asked me if I was 100% particular that I saw that guy put marijuana in his pocket. There was no way our vision was wrong.


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