We had a plan and Jack didn't carry his part

Jack works at a marijuana dispensary and he gets a discount

Jack is one of my best friends, but lately his head has been somewhere else. It all started when he began dating a girl from the library. He talked about her for 2 weeks before he finally had the nerve to call her on the phone. I figured the guy would strike out since he waited so long, but I guess she was really into him. Jack started spending all of his time with her and he flaked out on some of our plans. I was getting really frustrated and Jack and I got into a big argument. He promised to go camping with some other guys and I for spring break. His girlfriend was over at the house a week before spring break and she mentioned them having other plans. I immediately stopped her and I asked Jack if he was still planning to go camping with us. He was totally on the spot and he got upset again. He told me that he was planning to tell me later that evening, but I knew that was a lie. He was going to completely flake out on the trip at the last minute. The worst part about everything is the fact that Jack was supposed to be the one to bring all of the marijuana supplies. Jack works at a marijuana dispensary and he gets a discount. He offered to be the one to buy all of the marijuana supplies for the weekend. When I found out that he wasn’t going to go camping with us, I made sure that he still carried his end of the bargain by getting marijuana supplies for us to take camping that weekend.

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