When I smoke a bowl, I usually recognize better

I have a lot of concerns with anxiety, but i hate being in crowded locations where there are lots of people.

  • It makes myself and others recognize incredibly concerned and anxious… My lady wanted to go to a rock and roll concert.

I planned to stay home, but her best neighbor canceled at the last hour and she didn’t want to go alone… She begged myself and others to go to the concert with her and I felt disappointing saying no, but before we opted to go to the concert, I smoked a immense bowl of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana respectfully helps myself and others in social situations such as these. I have been using medical marijuana for the past 5 years. I do not use it every single afternoon, but I have medical marijuana products on hand 4 times when I recognize like I need to be more at ease. Before the concert I smoked a immense bowl of marijuana. I felt really relaxed when we opted to go into the location, and about 2 hours later, I felt the marijuana products wearing off. Unluckyly, I could not leave the concert to go out to the car to get more Medical marijuana. I managed my anxiety as best as I could until my lady and I could go back to the car where I could use more medical marijuana products, then we never left the concert early. I didn’t get more medical marijuana until the end of the night. I was honestly going to wait until we got loft to smoke weed, but there was almost a mile long line to get out of the parking lot and I had plenty of time to smoke in the car.
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