Before going to the airport, I got rid of all our recreational marijuana

It is really illegal to take recreational marijuana outside of the state where it was bought. If you purchase marijuana in one state, it has to be consumed entirely in that region. It is illegal to transport marijuana and it is also illegal to mail it using the postal service, fedex, or ups. I went to visit some friends on the west coast. I was there for 2 weeks and I used recreational marijuana supplies the whole time I was there. I went to a dispensary and bought a half ounce of marijuana flour. I still had marijuana flower left when I was getting ready to leave for the airport. I knew it wasn’t a fantastic idea to take the recreational marijuana with me to the airport. There were pets all over the locale that could sniff out a joint in less than 30 seconds. I decided to leave all of the leftover marijuana products with our buddy jack. I knew that he would smoke the weed and it wouldn’t go to waste. That was our greatest concern of all. I spent all of that money on recreational marijuana supplies and I hated to simply throw the product in the trash. I was much happier to provide it to a friend. I had such a fantastic time when I was on the west coast. My friends have been trying to talk me into moving there. After this last visit, I am even more convinced that it might be a fantastic idea. The guys can get me a job and I could live with them when I arrive.

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